How Have Mobile Apps Ruined Adult Dating?

Back in the good old days, adult dating meant that you had to join a great hookup website like , scroll through some profile, send out some emails and cross your fingers. I’m happy to report that back in the day, it worked well because you only needed to play the numbers game. You have many different pictures of chicks who think that you are kind of cute, would look at your profile and see your other pictures and then they would be able to make up their mind. In other words, you get many bites at the apple.

Even if your main profile picture makes you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame, don’t worry. When females click on your profile, they can see your other pictures and you get another shot. This is why a lot of online dating veterans claim that adult dating back in the day was much better than now. What happened? Well, one word: Tinder.

Tinder is a dating app that you install in your mobile phone and it lets you know of the profiles of available singles in your local area. The revolutionary thing about Tinder is that it solved one of the biggest headaches with traditional adult dating. With the traditional adult dating site, you are the one who has to search using location parameters to find available singles in your area.

Now, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might be living in San Francisco and then you’re finding pussy in Florida or Maine. Unless you’re some sort of billionaire who has a private jet and can fly halfway across the world for some hot pussy, you’re pretty much stuck. Well, Tinder fixed all that. The only profiles you would see on Tinder are people who are nearby.

Sounds awesome, right? It seems like Tinder pretty much solved the problem. Well, not so fast. The big downside with Tinder is that it only shows one main picture and it’s very appearance oriented. Also, people really don’t have much time to try to explore your details. They just look at your picture and they swipe right or swipe left.

Now, what can go wrong? Well, everything. It’s not a surprise that Tinder favors guys who look like male models. The rest of us mere mortals have to basically suck it up. It really is that bad. According to statistical models of guys who are having great success meeting members of the opposite sex on Tinder, one factor emerges. It’s usually the guys who are very good looking who get the vast majority of the pussy. Other dudes who look normal, or who are a little bit overweight or who don’t look that good, they basically have to content themselves with either trying to fuck substandard pussy, or just giving up on Tinder altogether.

This is the part of Tinder that you don’t hear about. Unfortunately, what I just described applies to about 80-90% of the guys out there. It’s pretty fucked up and it is no surprise that a lot of people are saying that mobile apps like Tinder, pretty much ruined adult dating. Adult dating sites, back in the day, gave moderately good looking or even ugly guys a fighting chance. Not anymore. There is a tremendous shift to appearance, thanks to mobile dating apps. The chicks there are just looking to fuck hot looking guys. Also, there is a zero timeline involved. Meaning, you don’t have to wait. This is a good thing because if you’re looking for hot action immediately, you just need to look at your Tinder app and you can set something up very quickly. Compare this with the typical dating site where you bounce some emails back and forth. This can go on for days or even weeks and then you can set up the date. With Tinder, the timeline can be so rapid that, in many cases, the timeline is absolutely zero.

So is Tinder essentially the final nail in the coffin of adult dating? Well, don’t believe it for a second. Seriously. All that Tinder did is that it put a lot of pressure on traditional adult dating websites to get their shit together. Seriously. Now, a lot of these websites are instructing new and old members to play volume strategy or deploy all sorts of well-known strategies to get laid more often. In other words, instead of killing dating sites that help people hook up and arrange sex, Tinder actually pushed these older dating platforms to step their game up. I can say, with a straight face, and in all seriousness, that this is a positive development.

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